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Let TNS install it for you!

If you have something that needs to be "hooked up" we can do it for you. And that could be; Printer to server, Telephone to phone system, Camera to DVR, WiFi Access Point to Network, Wifi Device to Access Point, Building to Building, or cell phones to cellular provider, Hi-speed Internet service in Rural areas, and even antennas on 400ft towers! After all it is our motto - "we hook things up!".

Don't let the simple motto fool you. Our technicians are fully trained in all the latest technologies. TNS can design, install and maintain Advanced Cabling Systems, Wireless LAN/WAN Networks, In-Building Cellular Enhancement, rural wireless deployments for Internet Service Providers, Fiber Optic Cabling Systems, and Enterprise Network Hubs and Switches.

Here are more of the things we do:

  • Physical network planning and design solutions
  • Indoor Cellular Enhancements
  • Wireless LAN / WAN design, engineering and installation
  • Last Mile Access - Wireless Network Design for ISPs
  • Project Management
  • Technology consulting
  • Cable management services
  • RFP technical support

Future Proofed!

We don't just sell information technology - We sell reliability and confidence. We sell the assurance to the small business that the investment into their network's infrastructure is not going to limit their ability to make technological advancements because of the products we have installed.

Total Network Solutions serves its customers with the loyalty and respect of a trusted business partner. We ensure that our customers have what they need to run their networks as smooth as possible, with maximum efficiency and reliability. We give our clients the confidence that we will be there when they need us!


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